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    International Conference on Advancing Sustainable Futures

    ICASF 2023

    Conference Program

    Waldorf Astoria, Dubai, Palm Jumeirah UAE from 5-6 December

Conference Theme

Sustainable Futures and Technologies

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5-6 December 2023

Venue – Waldorf Astoria, Dubai Palm Jumeirah, 
Dubai, UAE.


The premier International Conference on Advancing Sustainable Futures

ICASF (International Conference on  Advancing Sustainable Futures) is coinciding with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability and COP28, which will be held in December in the UAE, which makes it very topical.

We are living in a fast-moving and changing world affected by many factors, such as climate change, energy prices, technology development, and peace and security. Therefore, it is essential we address sustainability as a core value and practice, embedded in everything we do. Therefore, it is essential that we address a sustainable future within the context of people, products, processes, and technology.

This timely conference will cover sustainability-related future subjects in a holistic way. It will address the four pillars of sustainability in line with the United Nations 17  Sustainable Development Goals:   Technology,  People and  Culture, Environment, and  Economics.

The conference has the following objectives:

  • To provide a forum for international researchers and practitioners to debate the most pressing issues, and discuss, share, and exchange their latest research findings in the area of sustainability.
  • To develop and promote a network of like-minded people who are passionate about a sustainable future.
  • To empower decision makers by providing them with the most current research findings and policy needs in the areas of sustainability.



We welcome papers that advance the future of sustainability in a wide range of areas related to the environment, people, products, processes, and technologies from various disciplines. We welcome contributions from all disciplines, and topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

Science and Engineering Sustainability

  • Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience
  • Renewable and Clean Energy Resources and Mineral Requirements
  • Sustainable Technologies and Innovations
  • Circular Economy and Sustainable Product Design
  • Sustainable Water Resources and Marine Environment
  • Sustainable Industrial and Mining Processes
  • Municipal and Hazardous Waste Management, Emerging Contaminants and Remediation
  • Sustainable Policies and Regulations
  • Sustainable Construction and Materials - Sustainable Cities and Architecture
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
  • Marine ecosystems: climate change challenges
  • Remediation of Contaminated Sites and Land Rehabilitation

Business Management Sustainability and Law

  • Sustainable Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management Practices
  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility for Sustainable Futures
  • Green Accounting and Sustainable FinTech
  • Digital Marketing and Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Sustainability in Developed and Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Sustainable Organizational Strategy and Leadership
  • Legal Frameworks and Ethics for Sustainability
  • UAE´s Economic Future: Enabling Wellbeing and
    Beyond GDP through Targeted Policy Briefs and

Sustainability and Green IT Innovation

  • Green IT for Sustainable Communication and Communities
  • Sustainable Internet and Green IT
  • Designing Green IT Solutions for Sustainability
  • Developing Innovative Green IT Solutions for a Sustainable Future
  • Policies and Standards for a Sustainable Future with Green IT
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization for Green IT and Sustainability
  • Sustainability, online community, and Culture

Sustainability and Education

  • Curriculum Frameworks and Accreditation for Sustainable Education
  • Green Campus and Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Pedagogical Approaches for Sustainability Education
  • Community Engagement and Sustainable Education
  • Advocacy and Policy for Sustainability Education
  • Sustainability and Future Generation

Sustainability in Health, Food and Social Science

  • Human Behaviour and Cultural Perspectives on Sustainability
  • Sustainable Healthcare Systems and Public Health
  • Sustainable Women Empowerment: Breaking Barriers & Driving Progress
  • Sustainable Food and Nutrition
  • Sustainable Water and Waste Management and Health
  • Health Challenges in a Climate Change Era
Undergraduate and graduate students can present their early findings of research at this conference.


Academics, Practitioners and Research students are now invited to submit: 

Scholars, decision-makers, researchers, and practitioners who are interested in topics related to sustainable futures will benefit from this conference.

Academic institutions, government departments, and private sector organizations will have access to state-of-the-art research in these topical and important areas.

Academics, Practitioners, and Research students are now invited to submit:

  • Working Papers (based on the submission of abstracts of work  in progress)
  • Full Papers (all Full Paper submissions will be subject to a double-blind peer review)
  • Doctoral students are also  invited to submit papers to the Doctoral Colloquium

If you are unable to physically attend the conference but wish to present your research to our global community, you can participate as a virtual presenter.



Call for papers 31 May 2023

Full Papers submission   10th November 2023

Conference registration deadline 10th November 2023

Conference 5 - 6 December 2023




Academics, Practitioners and Research students are now invited to submit:

All papers will be blind-reviewed. Accepted papers will be assigned to paper or interactive paper sessions by the Program Chair(s). Papers presented at the conference will be included on USB flash drives. Papers should be prepared and presented in English.

The conference will feature two types of contributions:

  • Working Papers: These are mostly work-in-progress reports or fresh developments.
  • Full Papers: These mainly consist of accomplished research results and have a maximum length of 8 pages or 5,000 words.

At least one of the authors must register before the registration deadline, attend the conference, and present the paper. Otherwise, the paper will not be included in the conference program and proceedings. If absence from a scheduled meeting is unavoidable, participants must contact icasf@adu.ac.ae.

Papers should be prepared in Microsoft Word and submitted electronically to the Conference Submission System or through the following link:

Please use the formatting guidelines below.


Dr. Jemimah Njuki
Chief of the 
Economic Empowerment section,
UN Women
H.E. Ahmed Abdulmuttaleb Baharoon
Executive Director, Environmental Information, Science and Outreach Management,  Environment Agency-AbuDhabi (EAD) 
Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari
Chairperson of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, Indonesia, Professor of Computer Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (UI)
Dr. Kay Hack (PFHEA)
Dr. Kay Hack (PFHEA), Lead Consultant
(Education), Advance HE Led, in collaboration with the UK Quality Assurance Agency, the revision of sector guidance on Education for Sustainable Development
Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty
President of Natural Sciences Publishing USA, President of Arab Impact Factor, Vice-President of the African  Mathematical Union, Dean of Research  and Graduate Studies at Ahlia University in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Dr. Aishah Al Yammahi
Board Advisor for Alef Education, a leading EdTech company in the UAE


Leaders of Sustainable futures : Lessons from industry Eco-Champions

Dr. Sarah Al-Hashimi
Associate Director of Abu Dhabi  University Development Office, 
Abu Dhabi University
Dr. Hamad Odhabi
Vice Chancellor for Administration and
Financial Affairs, Abu Dhabi University
Prof. Ghassan Aouad
Chancellor, Abu Dhabi University

Reef Al Khaja
Marketing Director at Emirates Red
Mr. Niccolò Heilpern
Region Vice President, MAIRE S.p.A.
Dr. Ansari Wahid
Group Chief Executive Officer, Adeeb
Group LLC, UAE
Abdulla Bin Kalban
Senior Manager - Process Control &
Process Efficiency, EGA
Mr. Nathan Roestandy
Co-Founder & CEO at Nafa
Mr. Achraf Ellili
Chief Executive Officer, Flow Progressive Logistics
Farah Chakhachiro
Cofounder and Vice President of
Gracia Group

The Role of ESG Metrics in Accounting and Finance: Measuring Impact Beyond Profit

Prof. Nejla Ellili
Professor of Finance, Abu Dhabi University
Gwen van Berne, CMA
Global Board of Directors Chairman 2022-2023
Prof. Charilaos Mertzanis
Abu Dhabi University

Mr. Nabil Butt
Chief Financial Officer, Asayel Investment Group
Dr. Ehab Shalaby
hairman & CEO of DCarbon Egypt,
Chairman & CEO of DCarbon Global, UAE
Prof. Patrícia Iglecias
Professor and Head of Environment
at the University of São Paulo (USP)

Group Financial Controller in EDGE Group

Circular Economy, Innovative Business Models for a Sustainable Growth

Prof. Sherine Farouk
Associate Provost for Academic Projects
Professor of Accounting, Abu Dhabi University
Prof. Barry O’Mahony
Dean, College of Business, Abu Dhabi
Dr. Alain Daou
Dean, School of Business
AUB-Mediterraneo, Cyprus

Mr. Samer Taleb
Director of Strategy Consulting, KGC
Mr. Rashad El Sokary
Regional Financial Controller, French Bank Société Générale, Hong Kong
Wealth Management and Financial Risk Expert
Ms Maya Haddad

Sustainability Manager
Ajman University

Sustainability program Director College of Interdisciplinary Studies Zayed University
Mr. Achraf Ellili
Chief Executive Officer, Flow Progressive Logistics

Innovative Water Solutions to Tackle Climate Change

Prof. Evan Paleologos
Professor of Engineering
and Project Management, Abu Dhabi University
Prof. Kosmas Pavlopoulos
Department of Geography and Planning, Paris Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dr.  Titia De Mes

Sustainability Manager, Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Compnay (SWS)
Prof. Mohamed A. Dawoud
Professor, National Water
Research Center
Water Resources Advisor
with the Environment
Agency, Abu Dhabi
Mr. Yehya Fojo
National Water, Research Center Water Resources Advisor with the Environment
Agency, Abu Dhabi

Renewable and Clean Energy Solutions for Sustainable Industries

Prof. Sharul Sham Bin Dol
Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
Abu Dhabi University
Prof. Mohd Sobri Takriff
Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, University of Sharjah
Dr. Ahmed Bilal Awan
Associate Professor - College of Engineering and Information Technology, Ajman University, UAE
Mr. Mohammed Nababa 
Associate Programme Officer, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Dr. Ammar Munir Al-Sabounchi
Specialist - Solar Power & Water Planning - VIP Office, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority - DEWA
Mr. Benoît MAISSEU
Founder of Werenode SAS, First
interoperability platform for electric
vehicle charging built on Blockchain

Empowering Change: Higher Education Institutions and the UN Sustainable
Development Goals

Dr. Rahaf Ajaj
Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Safety, Abu Dhabi University
Mr. Majd Fayyad
DSM Strategy & Policy Lead, Supreme Council of Energy
Prof. Imad Alsyouf
Professor & Director of the Sustainability Office (UoS)
Mr. Muwaffaq Alkhedery 

Climate change advisor at ESG-GHD,
Sustainability, Resilience
Dr. Ghanim Kashwani
Senior Manager, Applied Research Administration-HCT
Eng. Mohammed Al Ta’ani
Secretary General of Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC) and the Vice Chairman of Jordanian Renewable Energy Society ( JRES) & General Manager

Sustainable Lifestyle, Nutrition, and  Public Health

Dr. Haleama Al Sabbah
Associate Professor of
Public Health, Abu Dhabi
Dr. Ayoub Al Jawaldeh
Regional Adviser in Nutrition, WHO
Dr. Reema Tayyem
Professor of Nutrition, Qatar University
Dr. Nouf Khamis Al Ali
Acting Director of Health Promotion Department at the Ministry of Health & Prevention
Alia Al Showab
Senior Clinical Dietician, SCOPE Certified - Bariatric Care Specialist, Dubai Police, Rehabilitation and Readiness Centre
Dr. Leila Cheikh Ismail
Associate Professor of Nutrition, Sharjah University
Dr. Amina Al Marzouqi
Health Care Management, Planning
& Policy, Sharjah University

Conference Special Sessions

The Announcement of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Results and Awards 2023
H.E. Husin Bagis
Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates
Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari
Chairperson of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, Indonesia, Professor of Computer Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (UI
Prof. Waldemar Siwinski
President of IREG Observatory and Academic Ranking and Excellence
Prof. Ghassan Fouad Aouad
Chancellor, Abu Dhabi University

Education for Sustainable Development: What, Why and How

Dr. Kay Hack (PFHEA)
Lead Consultant Education, Advance HE

The need for accelerating transformative change in cities and communities: the
crucial role plaid by universities

Prof. Patrizia Lombardi
President of the Italian Network of Universities for Sustainable  Development and Vice-Rector for Sustainable Campus and communities and Sustainable at Politecnico Di Torino

Announcement Ceremony of the Abu Dhabi University Research Institute for
Sustainable Futures

Prof. Montasir Qasymeh
Associate Provost for Research and Academic Development, Abu Dhabi University

Science and Engineering Sustainability
Sponsored by - TBA

Business Management Sustainability and Law -
Sponsored by - Green Peace Mena & Administrative Sciences

Sustainability and Green IT Innovation
Sponsored by - Emirates Global Aluminium

Sustainability and Education
Sponsored by Advance HE

Sustainability in Health, Food, and Social Science
Sponsored by - TBA


Full paper submitted to ICASF 2023 will be considered for publication in a number of Scopus indexed journals*.

Book Series Publications

Conference proceedings published in the below 3 Springer Book series Scopus indexed*

Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation (Scopus)

Sustainable Civil Infrastructures (Scopus)

IEREK Interdisciplinary series for sustainable landscape, Planning & natural resources Management   

Journal Publications

Full papers journal publication opportunties

Special Issues

Journal Environmental Geotechnics (Q2)

Administrative Sciences, an international, scholarly, open access journal on organization studies (Q2); Impact Factor: 3.0 (2022).

Journal  Engineering, Construction, and  Architectural Management  (Q1)

Regular Issues

Management & Sustainability: An Arab Review
Highly recommended papers presented at the Business Management Sustainability or Green IT Innovation tracks will go through an expedited review process.

International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (Q2)

Journal Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers (Q1)

Digital  Policy, Regulation and Governance Journal: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. – Journal Digital  Policy, Regulation and Governance (Q2)

Frontiers in Nutrition - A Special Issue in Sustainable Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Public  Health Journal - (Q1)

*All submitted papers need to follow the  usual review process and  guidelines by the  journal / books.



Dubai is a city located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the southeast coast of the Arabian Gulf.  The city is home to several man-made wonders, including the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and the Palm Jumeirah, a palm-shaped artificial island. With its awe-inspiring architectural feats, opulent shopping experiences, and vibrant atmosphere, Dubai mirrors the forward-thinking ethos of the conference, making it a fitting host city for a event dedicated to shaping a sustainable and innovative future.

In December, the weather is comfortable, with temperatures ranging from 19 to 25°C and low humidity. This makes it perfect for outdoor activities and al fresco dining.




Delegates flying into Dubai International Airport can travel by rideshare, taxi, metro, complimentary coach, or bus to the Conference Venue – Waldorf Astoria, Dubai Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

Note -   For any room booking enquiry at Waldorf Astoria please email DXBPD.Reservations@waldorfastoria.com  and they will advise the best rate that they can offer at the time of booking.  Delegates looking for  alternative accommodation in  Dubai,  please check:  Booking.com



  • Conference registration ends on October 15th, 2023.
  • After making payment, please complete the registration form below and attach the payment receipt.
  • If a single author is presenting multiple papers, they must register for each paper separately.
  • Do not deduct any bank transaction charges from the ICASF 2023 Full Registration Fee of USD450 per paper, or your registration will be considered incomplete and your paper will not be scheduled for presentation at the conference.
  • Please use the reference "ICASF 2023" for your payment.
  • The registration fee for Abu Dhabi University Global Engagement Program (GEP) members is USD350. To learn more about the GEP and to register, please click here.

Conference Fees



Prof. Ghassan Fouad Aouad

Abu Dhabi University


Prof. Sherine Farouk

Associate Provost for Academic projects
Professor of Accounting
Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Email: sherine.farouk@adu.ac.ae


Prof. Salam Abdallah
Chair of Research Development & Doctoral Studies
Professor of MIS
College of Business
Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi UAE


Dr. Hamad Ebrahim Ali Odhabi
Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Prof. Barry O’Mahony
Dean, College of Business

Dr. Hamdi Mustafa Sheibani
Dean of College of Engineering

Prof. Evan Paleologos
Professor of Engineering and Project Management

Prof. Sharul Sham Bin Dol
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Rahaf Ajaj
Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Safety

Dr. Haleamah Hasan Saleh AlSabah
Associate Professor of Public  Health

Sarah Al-Hashimi

Associate Director of University Development Office

Noor Almasri

Senior Manager of Operations for Marketing, Marketing & Communication Department

Khulud Abdallah

Senior Administrative Officer

Ibrahim Hamad Ibrahim Odhabi

Academic Project Coordinator

Sakshi Sharma

Research Assistant


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